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Who: Jamie Kirk, Dick Grayson, with a guest appearance by David Kirk
When: Late at night.
What: Why do babies cry so damn much. :C

It was a late night on top of two all nighters, and Dick had sort of felt like a zombie as he dragged himself home to the Cave after patrol. After stitching up a cut on his arm and making sure he hadn't torn the stitches on his shoulder from the night before, he changed into a t-shirt and sweats and headed upstairs.

Only to be greeted by the sound of a wailing infant and he winced, both in sympathy for his sister and because hot damn, that was loud even from far away. Babies were cute, but they were super loud, and Dick would hazard a guess that Jamie was probably ready to throw herself out the window by now.

So, instead of just crashing on one of the beds down in the infirmary in the cave, or on one of the couches downstairs, he slowly dragged himself upstairs to see if he could do something to help.
nightwinging_it: (My Robin sense is tingling.)
Who: Jim Kirk, Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne.
When: After Dick gave Tim Robin and Jim decided to make a statement by basically faking his death and running away to Europe for a while.
What: Bruce and Dick are the world's greatest detectives and are freakishly loyal to their family members. Did you really think they weren't going to find you, Jim. :|

It had been a long six months.

Dick had not expected Jim to take the news that Tim was officially getting involved in the family business well, but honestly, he hadn't expected him to take it this hard. And he hadn't expected the running away from home and not answering his calls to get worse, because after a month or so, information about Jim Kirk, the son of two Starfleet heroes, the adopted son of the head of Wayne Enterprises and notorious party boy had just dried up completely, and really, in their line of work, such incidents weren't something to be shrugged off. Such a disappearance usually meant someone had been killed and would literally never be seen again, and the knowledge that that might have happened was literally eating away at Dick like a cancer.

And really, he was gone. Whatever Jim had come up with to get away from them was apparently working, because after tireless searching, it was pretty clear that Jim was either dead or really, really didn't want to be found.

Maybe it would have surprised him, but Dick wasn't the only one looking. Bruce, Alfred and Tim had been tirelessly searching for information, because even though lawyers were starting to make noises about what would happen if they needed to declare him legally dead, no one at the Manor was willing to give up on him. And after a frustrated outburst about three weeks after Jim had been seen or heard from since, Dick knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Bruce was just as worried and upset about it as he was. Not that he'd ever doubted that he loved Jim, but having him on his side about actually looking for him instead of brushing it off like many others might have encouraged doing was extremely reassuring.

And eventually, they'd started to get news. Little reports trickling in, nothing much more than rumors, but they investigated them anyway, as both Batman and Nightwing and Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson. It took time, effort, bribing and a lot of concern, but they were good at finding people who didn't want to be found, and finally, they'd started making progress.

They'd finally traced him to Spain, and after finding their trail basically tapered off into he would be in one of two places, Bruce headed off one way and Dick took the other.

He slipped into the pub without attracting any attention, dressed in plainclothes and keeping his posture relaxed and natural, trying to find Jim before he saw him.

What would he'd do when he actually found him? Dick really wasn't sure and part of him didn't know if he wanted to find out, because he'd literally thought he was dead up until a few weeks ago, so instead of worrying about it, he settled for scanning the pub blandly, moving like he was trying to find a seat in the crowded establishment.


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